Library rules

Library rules

Rules of the Library:

  • the educational literature and well-known world medical editions are offered for each User for the English medium learning;
  • the Library provides the following: servicies giving out  educational literature for homework  and using the reading room;
  • the User is registered on the basis of  the student’s card;
  • the User obtains a library card, which is the only document giving the right to use the library services;
  • the list of the literature registered in the  library card is confirmed by the slip signed by the User.


The User has a right:

  • to obtain educational literature for the work outside the library for  a term or the entire year in the amount determined by the curriculum;
  • to extend the term of textbooks use if they are not in demand of other users;
  • to use scientific literature (well-known world editions in Medicine and other disciplines) in the reading room;
  • to obtain information about the Library funds, consultation service on research of the sources of information, to use other forms of service: subscriptions for scientific, educational, fiction literature;  interlibrary subscription;
  • to take part in the  conferences or other Library activities.


The User must:

  • confirm the fact of giving the literature out by signing the slip;
  • put the date, his own signature, and the number of the library card  for the work with the literature in the reading room, return the literature to the librarian after finishing the work; the literature from the reading room stock cannot be taken home;
  • keep the deadline of returning the documents to the Library; reregister at the beginning of each academic year; return all textbooks and other materials to the Library for the period of the summer holidays;
  • substitute a document from the library stock with or a similar one or for a document recognized as an equivalent one by the Library in case of its loss or damage.


The User must not:

  • disturb the order of the work and schedule, speak loudly, interfere with the work of other users, bring food, talk on the cell phone;
  • take the books out of the reading room; make any notes; bend and tear pages out or damage the literature in other ways;
  • the Users, who violate these rules, are deprived of the right to visit the Library for a period determined by the Library.